Uniquely Experienced in the Challenges of Government Service

Blaine Warren Advertising is a full-service advertising agency with over 16 years of service managing large government marketing programs. Our experience in developing innovative communications platforms, digital program management systems, and comprehensive data/return on investment reporting has greatly streamlined the complexities of government marketing. From 2005 through March 2021, we served as the advertising agency of record for Air Force Reserve Recruiting Service. Our specialties include:

  • Media planning and placement
  • Digital marketing
  • Web/app design and development
  • Graphic design
  • Film and video production
  • Non-Commercial Sustaining Announcements
  • Mobile marketing platforms
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Qualification and lead operations
  • Creative development/production
  • Events management
  • Targeted local advertising programs
  • Social media curation
  • Internal program management
  • Peer referral programs
  • Data reporting

  • Blaine Warren Advertising
    1980 Festival Plaza Drive, Suite 318
    Las Vegas, NV 89135
    (P) 702-435-6947
    (F) 702-450-9168
    Point of Contact
    Michael Sabatier
    11035 Lavender Hill Dr, Ste: 160-431 (mailing)
    Las Vegas, NV 89135
    (P) 702-435-6947

    GSA Contract #: 47QRAA21D00AS
    Business Size/Status: Small Business
    DUNS: 14-482-1647
    Cage Code: 3SWK2

  • 541810
  • Advertising Agency
  • 541830
  • Media Buying Agency
  • 541511
  • Web Based Marketing (Custom Computer Programming Services)
  • 512110
  • Video/Film Production
  • 541910
  • Marketing Research and Analysis
  • 541613
  • Marketing Consulting Services

    General Contractor Information
    1a. SIN Number and Description 541810 - Advertising Services
    541511 - Web Based Marketing
    512110 - Video/Film Production
    541910 - Marketing Research and Analysis
    1b. Lowest priced model number and lowest price Please refer to our Hourly Rates for Services
    1c. Labor category descriptions Please refer to our Labor Category Descriptions
    2. Maximum Order $1,000,000
    3. Minimum Order $100
    4. Geographic Coverage Domestic Only
    5. Points of production Same as company address
    6. Discount from List Price All prices are Net (discounts already built-in)
    7. Quality Discounts N/A
    8. Prompt Payment Terms Net 30 days. Information for Ordering Offices: Prompt payment terms cannot be negotiated out of the contractual agreement in exchange for other concessions.
    9a. Government Purchase cards are accepted up to the micro-purchase threshold: Yes
    9b. Government Purchase Card is not accepted above the micro-purchase threshold None
    10. Foreign Items None
    11a. Time of Delivery Contact contractor
    11b. Expedited Delivery Contact contractor
    11c. Overnight and 2-day Delivery Contact contractor
    11d. Urgent Requirement Contact contractor
    12. F.O.B. Points(s) Destination
    13. Ordering Address Blaine Warren Advertising
    Attn: Michael Sabatier
    11035 Lavender Hill Dr, Suite 160-431
    Las Vegas, NV 89135
    13b. Ordering Procedures: For supplies and services, the ordering procedures, information on Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs), are found in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 8.405-3.
    14. Payment Address Same as #13
    15. Warranty Provision: Not Applicable
    16. Export Packing Charges Not Applicable
    17. Terms and Conditions of Government Purchase Card Acceptance (any thresholds above the micro-purchase level) Contact contractor
    18. Terms and conditions of rental, maintenance and repair Not Applicable
    19. Terms and conditions of installation (if applicable): Not Applicable
    20. Terms and conditions of repair parts indicating date of parts, price lists and any discounts from list prices (if applicable): Not Applicable
    21. List of service and distribution points (if applicable) Not Applicable
    22. List of participating dealers (if applicable): Not Applicable
    23. Preventative maintenance (if applicable) Not Applicable
    24a. Special attributes such as environmental attributes (e.g., recycled content, energy efficiency, and/or reduced pollutants.): Not Applicable
    24b. If applicable, indicate that Section 508 compliance information is available on Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) supplies and services and show where full details can be found (e.g. contractor’s website or other location.) The EIT standards can be found at: www.Section508.gov/ Contact contract administrator for more information.
    25. Data Universal Number System (DUNS) Number: 14-482-1647
    26. Blaine Warren Advertising is registered in the System for Award Management (SAM).  

    Labor Category Descriptions and Education Substitutions
    Education Substitutions
    Degree Experience Substitution
    Bachelor's Degree Associate Degree plus two years relevant experience is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree
    Bachelor’s Degree HS Diploma plus four years relevant experience is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree
    Associate Degree HS Diploma plus two years relevant experience is equal to an Associate Degree

    Labor Category Job Description Degree Years of Experience
    Management Supervisor Oversees all client engagements and responsible for all aspects of agency performance. Communicates with client or government program manager or senior leadership to discuss overall program priorities and initiatives. Bachelor's Degree 7
    Account Manager Primary point of contact with client (POC). Manages day-to-day account activities, including client communications, approvals, planning, budgets, reporting, quality control, contract performance and risk management. Accountable for managing all subcontractors and vendors. Bachelor's Degree 5
    Account Executive Assists Account Manager in supervising all account details and acts on behalf of company in absence of Account Manager. Supervises all detailed operations including reporting, data management, schedules and internal communications. Bachelor's Degree 4
    Account Coordinator Coordinates internal operations procedures, including implementation of work orders, data requests, reporting and scheduling Bachelor's Degree 1
    Admin/Clerical Provides administrative support for client and staff, including proof reading, copying, maintaining files and coordinating meetings. Associate Degree 1
    Creative Director Conceives, directs and responsible for all creative projects from concept and development through final production. Coordinates with Account Services to deliver the final product on schedule with the highest level of creative content and production quality. Supervises designers, multimedia specialists, film crews and productions artists. Bachelor's Degree 7
    Art Director Oversees and executes all creative projects working including print, film/video and web creative content. Responsible for project scheduling, assignments to creative staff, content control and completion. Bachelor's Degree 4
    Copy Writer Writes, proofreads and edits content and copy for a variety of marketing materials. Develops strategic messaging and generates original copy based on messages to appeal to the client’s target audiences. Bachelor's Degree 2
    Graphic Designer Computer graphics experienced member that develops and executes concepts and layouts for traditional and digital creative. Familiar with materials and printing processes. Bachelor's Degree 2
    Media Director Responsible for overseeing all aspects of media research, planning and implementation. Develops the final media recommendations within coordinated budgets and responsible for overseeing all media analytics, data and reporting. Bachelor's Degree 5
    Media Planner/Buyer Responsible for research, planning, negotiation, purchase and implementation of both digital and traditional medial. Handles all immediate communications with vendors and data reporting agencies. Bachelor's Degree 2
    Media Analyst Responsible for ongoing implementation of media analytics and data research tools and programs, including the input of relevant data as well as initial report review and troubleshooting data discrepancies. Bachelor's Degree 2
    Social Media Director Responsible for all aspects of the Client’s and agency Social Media programs including platform implementation, research, analytics, posting and content management. Bachelor's Degree 4
    Social Media Coordinator Assists with all day-to-day details of social media program including posting. content management, analytics and reporting. Bachelor's Degree 1
    Senior Web Designer Responsible for all aspects on the Information Technology program, including database modeling and design, web design and implementation, telecommunication requirements, as well as ensuring that all computer and communications systems conform to required levels of security, certification and documentation. Must be able to communicate ideas clearly and utilize all tools available to implement interactive design ideas. Bachelor's Degree 7
    Web Designer Design solutions and develops layouts, databases, design rules, style guides, and other interactive elements. Assists in developing budgets and timelines. Bachelor's Degree 1
    Video Production Manager Performs production-related activities including size and formatting to specifications, estimating, scheduling, project management, printing, and delivery. Tracks projects through the agency, prepares print-ready final art, corrects color and scale of photos, and checks and manages all print and press proofs. Works with outside vendors to ensure that finished jobs are produced according to specifications and delivered on schedule. Associate Degree 3
    Videographer Operates videos cameras and related equipment, including audio, in the production and editing of video productions. Works under supervision of the Cinematographer to accomplish all aspects of film/video production. Associate Degree 3
    Audio/Video Engineer Coordinates audio, video and lighting equipment, including their arranging, connecting, tuning and operation. Works under direction of Cinematographer/camera operator. Associate Degree 2
    Camera Operator Captures static and motion imagery through use of digital and video cameras and equipment. Coordinates with agency Creative Director and creative team to ensure that visual images convey desired intentions. Manages all aspects of camera execution including providing direction to talent, and recommendations on location and wardrobe, final shot/scene selection, editing and color correction. Bachelor's Degree 5
    Video Editor Edits and assembles recorded raw material into a suitable, finished product ready for broadcasting. The material may include camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects. Associate Degree 2
    Photographer Works closely with clients to capture photos of people, places and things through the use of creativity and technical abilities in photographic equipment and photo manipulation software. To ensure that desired results are obtained, photographers have to communicate effectively with clients regarding expectations to meet standards and deadlines of projects. Associate Degree 2
    Qualification Center Supervisor Supervises all call center operations and hires/trains all call center representatives. Responds to Responds to customer and client questions and troubleshoots problems. Responsible for accuracy of all data, analytics and reporting, as well as maintaining all standards and quality control. Associate Degree 5
    Senior Qualification Center Interviewer Has at least three years of work experience in the same industry or government agency for which they are answering calls and communications. Able to provide in-depth responses to questions and to pre-qualify candidates. Has applicable certificates and background checks to access government computers if required. Associate Degree 3
    Qualification Center Representative Responds to communications that don't require them to possess a government background security investigation. HS Diploma 2

    Hourly Rates for Services
    (All rates are fully burdened. Rates do not include IFF)
    SIN(s) Labor Category 10/1/21-9/30/22
    541810, 541511, 512110 Management Supervisor $184.00
    541810, 541511 Account Manager $129.97
    541810, 541511 Account Executive $99.98
    541810, 541511 Account Coordinator $79.98
    541810, 541511 Admin/Clerical ** $59.98
    541810, 541511, 512110 Creative Director $166.95
    541810, 541511 Art Director $134.96
    541810, 541511 Copy Writer $114.97
    541810, 541511 Graphic Designer $79.98
    541810, 541511 Media Director $139.96
    541810, 541511 Media Planner/Buyer $109.97
    541810, 541511 Media Analyst $85.97
    541810, 541511 Social Media Director $109.97
    541810, 541511 Social Media Coordinator $84.98
    541810, 541511 Senior Web Designer $124.96
    541810, 541511 Web Designer $114.97
    541810, 512110 Video Production Manager $114.97
    541810, 512110 Videographer $139.96
    541810, 512110 Audio/Video Engineer $84.98
    541810, 512110 Camera Operator $174.96
    541810, 512110 Video Editor $119.97
    541810, 512110 Photographer $109.97
    541910 Qualification Center Supervisor $99.98
    541910 Senior Qualification Center Interviewer $88.97
    541910 Qualification Center Representative ** $45.85
    ** SCA Labor Category

    SCA Eligible Labor Category SCA Equivalent Code Title Wage Determination Number
    Administrative/Clerical 01020 Administrative Assistant 2015-5594
    Qualification Center Representative 01043 Customer Service Representative 2015-5594

    The Service Contract Labor Standards, formerly the Service Contract Act (SCA), apply to this contract and it includes SCLS applicable labor categories. Labor categories and fixed price services marked with a (**) in this pricelist are based on the U.S. Department of Labor Wage Determination Number(s) identified in the SCLS/SCA matrix. The prices awarded are in line with the geographic scope of the contract (i.e., nationwide).